Residential Epoxy Floors

When it comes to extending the working life of your garage floor, nothing beats a urethane epoxy floor in protection, economy or aesthetics.
Tests have shown that floors protectively coated with the layer of epoxy are 6 times more resistant to external damage as an untreated floor, the epoxy rendering the concrete virtually impenetrable to various powerful chemicals and liquids.
Unsealed Concrete Floors are prone to:
  • Permanent Stains from Chemicals and Liquids
  • Foundation Damage during the spring thaw
  • Chipping, Weathering and Erosion of concrete surface
  • Degradation of coloration by dirt or other intrusive materials

Ignoring these problems will shorten the lifespan of your concrete floor and ruin its overall aesthetic. Serious foundational issues due to the freeze-thaw cycle often leads to an expensive and necessary full replacement of the concrete floor.

Wide array of different kinds

We are proud to display our expansive menu of epoxy coatings to suit every need. Some of our most commonly requested types include:

  • Chip Epoxy
  • Metallic Epoxy
  • Static Dissipative Epoxy
  • UV Resistant Coating

Non-Slip Finish, Dry or Wet

Our epoxy surfaces are always non-slip, even when wet there is enough traction for anyone to feel safe. Our product is specially engineered to ensure your concrete is safer during wet or icy conditions, while giving it a beautiful new look.

We work around your schedule

At SGC Restoration we understand that construction work may be an intrusion into your daily activities. Thus, we aim to minimize or imposition by working around your schedule, let us know the times you are available, and we would be more than happy to accommodate.

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