Interlock Installation

Not too long ago many of our roads were made of cobblestone, a highly durable installation capable of handling heavy traffic. In recent years interlock has made a resurgence in the private market, demand has increased from consumers that want the highly durable and aesthetically pleasing bricks as a part of their business or home. In an ever-growing market interlock has become a way for homeowners to make their homes stand out from the rest, increasing property value whilst creating a more visually appealing landscape.

Benefits of installing interlock:
  • Aesthetically pleasing alternative
  • Increase in property value
  • Easy to restore and repair
  • Easy to clean if properly maintained
  • Enhanced color intensity in comparison to concrete and asphalt

Variety of choices

At SGC Restoration we pride ourselves in making our customers visions come to life. Our extensive assortment of bricks and combinations allow us to create virtually any sort of landscape. Our specialists are trained and experience in the installation of all types of interlocking bricks allowing us to create any design you can imagine.

SGC Guarantee!

All our work is done within budget and on time, only the highest standards of workmanship and materials are accepted, each step is done correctly and with care. SGC Restoration’s commitment to quality is unparalleled, without regard for cost we only use the highest quality materials and will never compromise our work. ALL our work comes with a 24-month SGC Guarantee, protecting you against any and all natural damage.


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