Is the epoxy toxic?
Our epoxy is 100% safe for humans and animals, it is environmentally friendly, non toxic and VOC-free.
My business operates during the day, are you able to work nights/weekends?
Absolutely, at SGC we work according to your schedule. Prior to starting any job we will create a timetable of the times and day that we will be working, if you need an adjustment simply give us a call and we would be happy to alter the schedule.
Is the floor slippery?
All our floors are non-slip, dry or wet. Icy floors are not an issue, the epoxy will stay non-slip.
How long does an epoxy floor last?
Under normal circumstances and wear and tear you should expect your epoxy floor to last approximately 5-7 years. Regular cleaning via hosing is recommended to maximize the lifespan of your epoxy floor.
Do you offer flexible terms of payment?
For larger projects we offer net 30 terms, if an alternative payment plan is required, we would alter to meet the needs of the specific client.
Do I have to prepare anything?
Our guys will take care of moving any equipment of materials that can be carried, heavy machinery or industrial equipment will have to be moved. Otherwise all preparation will be taken care of by our committed team.
How long before the floor is usable?
Epoxy floors can be walked on in as little as 12 hours after application of the final coat. Light vehicular traffic can use the floor after 24 hours and heavy traffic after 48 hours.
Is there a warranty on the work?
Absolutely! Our standard SGC Guarantee covers all damages for 24 months. Larger projects and different applications can have warranties of up to 5 years depending on the terms at the time of signing.
What areas do you service?
We service areas across the GTA, extending all the way up to London, Ontario. Give us a call and there is a good chance we can reach you!

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