When it comes to sealing your outdoor concrete proper application is incredibly important. At SGC Restoration we recommend our industrial-grade wet-look sealer to protect your concrete and give it an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Why should you seal your concrete?
  • Enhanced colouration and appeal
  • Prevents stains from chemicals and oil
  • Discoloration from dirt and calcium
  • Cracking, flaking and weathering
  • Prevents slippery surfaces and make your concrete safe
  • Foundation damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle
What kinds of concrete can we seal?
  • Plain concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Commercial floors
  • Residential garage floors

Give your landscape a facelift with the most affordable way to enhance the overall appeal of your home. At SGC Restoration we pride ourselves on our work and will do whatever we can to fully restore your interlock back to its original beauty.

SGC Guarantee!

All our work is done within budget and on time, only the highest standards of workmanship and materials are accepted, each step is done correctly and with care. SGC Restoration’s commitment to quality is unparalleled, without regard for cost we only use the highest quality materials and will never compromise our work. ALL our work comes with a 24-month SGC Guarantee, protecting you against any and all natural damage.

Non-slip finish

At SGC our finish is always non-slip. Our sealer comes resistant to slip through dry, wet or icy conditions.


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